else seven strikes back

The force is strong with this one.

Now...else seven is back in action again doing the Christmas orders...or whatever orders it is that you want to make.  The sewing room opened again on Monday and first cab off the rank is this cot cover/play mat for  a new baby.

So many pretty colours and patterns for the baby to look at (once he or she stops seeing in black and white....).  

As per last year, I am doing the same payment system.  I send an invoice for the materials and postage, and the buyer adds whatever he or she thinks is appropriate on top of that.  And as per last year, 5% of profits go to my charity of the year.  Last year it was Plan Because I am a Girl.  This year,  I still haven't decided, but I think I am erring towards something to do with oceans because I love looking at the sea so much..and I am fascinated by the weirdness of marine life.  Plus I am disgusted at how much of human's rubbish goes into the sea.

I am not going to get rich, but last year, I sewed myself a week in Paris, which was ab-so-lute-ly fantastic.  


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