Cross stitchin'

Actually, not so cross at all.  I find it quite meditative.  Being Japan, land of craft, I found a whole pile of cross stitch motif books at the library (including French ones!), and so I have been sitting at swimming lessons and at home at night listening to TED talks and stitchin' away.

There seem to be an extensive amount of Christmas motifs, so I have been making little Christmas themed ones.  I mixed and matched motifs from different books or went a little bit freestyle.  Next thing you know,  I will be appliqué-ing bottle green sweatshirts with reindeer.  You have been warned.

Isn't the reindeer cute leaping through the forest?  Awwwwwww......  I think these would be quite festive slung around a bottle of something sparkling to take to Chrisso parties.  I promise not to make it Asti Spumante.  Invites, please.


  1. what is wrong with Asti, I love that stuff :))))


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