Creative outburst

A dear friend of mine, the Rhinestone Cowgirl (I miss you, beautiful), once described me as "Martha Stewart on crack, " and it is true that once I get started on a  roll, a lot of things get made.  This morning, Little Miss O woke me at 5.30am, but got to be happy that she is sleeping all night in her own bed these days.  YESSSS!

Anyway, with that early a start, one can;

...finish off a raindrop dress.  It came out OK - but a bit too big and the fabric was a bit too stiff.  Might try the 12 next time with a softer cotton.

....finish off some cross-stitch Christmas decos (what is it with that ugly tan-orange wood in Japan?  And in China too, come to think of it.  I loathe it).

...make a passport cover and finally...

...make some cards with old cereal boxes etc., Little Miss O's drawings from earlier days and vintage cards snaffled from Mama S.  I love colour!

Time for a nice cup of tea and a lie down, methinks.


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