A trip to Karuizawa

We went to Karuizawa for a couple of days Imperial Family-style to escape the Tokyo heat.  Ahhh....green everywhere.  So many trees.  It's so refreshing to see green things.  If you look out across a Tokyo skyline, the lack of trees is depressing.   There were also mountains and endless mushrooms of all sorts of toxic looking types.  I do so love mushrooms.  Waterfalls, ponds, moss.  A small but interesting art gallery.  Coffee shops.  A rotenburo with a view of tree tops - so much fun to lie naked in the open air in an onsen.  And So. Much. Food.  We brought home really good baguettes and fresh mountain veggies.  Best of all - a teeny tiny frog, the size of my fingernail staring me down from his or her leaf perch.


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