Upping the ante

Isn't that a beautiful sight?  I love Mount Fuji. I chose the beauty of nature to remind me that I need to up my ante a bit.

Ohhhh....I am feeling so frustrated at the moment.  I feel like my actions to live a more thrifty, green and sustainable life are so...tip of the iceberg, and that I really need to DO more and BE more.  In the spirit of this, I shall make a list of goals towards a sustainable/simpler life that I wish to work towards over the next few months...or more months.

1) Plastic free.  A BIG call my friends, but I want to do it.  My plan is to replace each plastic item as it needs replacing with a non-plastic one and to resist all the pretty shiny plastic that is around.

2) Zero waste.  Another big call.  I think this post is going to be all about big calls.  To kickstart this one, I am going to look for alternatives and USE them for all the disposable one-use items still left in my house; refuse all excess such as freebies, one-use items, disposables, packaged goods, re-use as much as I can and not waste any food.

3) Eat 50% vegan, 25% vegetarian and 25% fish.  I don't think I can do 100% vegan.  But, who knows?  Maybe I will find 50% vegan a lot easier than I thought and it will happen...organically. To achieve this, I am going to do very careful meal planning each week.

4) Buy no new clothes.  Shoes, underwear and hosiery are the exception.  I am also allowed to buy fabric for sewing clothes (but only once I have totally destashed my fabric and only for a specific purpose.  No hoarding anymore). To achieve this, I am just going to have to stay away from shops.  The mind is always willing, oh...but the flesh is so very, very weak.

5) Try to stick to the "Buyerarchy of Needs" (see SarahL from sarahl.com's fab illustration). Use what you have - borrow - swap - thrift - make - buy (in that order).  Again - the evil lure of the shoppies again.  Perhaps I can put parental control on the computer for myself?

6) When buying is needed - food, for example - try to stick to local, ethical, seasonal, organic or fair trade as much as possible.  There is a shop in the next suburb that sells food from local farmers and some organic food around.  Some of it has to come by delivery though, which is not very cool as far as carbon neutrality is concerned.  It's a minefield, innit?  I can but try.

That's enough for now - I feel exhausted just thinking about it.  I am now going to go and listen to some nice TED talks to buoy my spirits and fiddle around with cross-stitch.  Such a nanna.


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