The giving box

Trumpet fanfare and drrrrrrum roll..

Here is the giving box that I mentioned I wanted to get going with Little Miss O in an effort to stop her being so materialistic/consumerist.  A very unassuming little number - I dug around in my box of boxes, found this one and stuck it on the shelf next to our "saving for fun times" box.  I explained to her that in this was going to go;

1) All the coins in my wallet at the end of the week
2) 500 yen every time she got enough stamps to earn herself 500 yen for her money box - this is the ultimate prize on her stamp/reward scheme.
3) 5% of any cash we earn or are given as gifts

At the end of each month, we are going to count it up, and she can choose a charity to whom she wishes to donate it.


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