Simple things with kids: T-shirt design

There's a small person dressed in a pair of undies and a Little Red Riding Hood cape sitting in a cardboard box in my tatami room.  There are toys and drawings and bits of paper and cardboard scattered all over my house.  Oh summer holidays....

We did a good activity today - made a present for a "big girl" friend of Little Miss O's.  On an organic cotton t-shirt, I drew an outline of a deer, and Little Miss O used fabric pens which she was given at Christmas to decorate it.

We put a board underneath the top layer so there were no marks made on the back.  Later, when it cools down and I can be bothered getting off my bum, I will iron it to set the fabric pens.  Quite effective, I thought.

Meanwhile, I will amuse myself watching Little Miss O keep falling out of the cardboard box.  Haha.


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