Simple things with kids: Rolling sushi

Oh sushi rolls!  I love your soft rice-y interior, your crisp nori outside and your luscious fish and vegetable fillings....

And I love the way that you get Little Miss O excited about dinner time, which is oft a bit of a struggle.  Hoorah.  Too bad I can't take a picture that is in focus.  Apologies.  Maybe I was too excited about the prospect of cucumber and avocado maki that I was trrrrrrembling.  Highly likely.

Rolling sushi with kids is fun.  Little hands are great for placing the filling on the rice and helping to roll it up and little hands also shove a lot of homemade sushi into their little mouths.  It was sushi that made Little Miss O a cucumber fan, I think, which is a good, good thing.  

It's quick to do, once you cook the rice and kids can choose their own fillings.  Offer them a variety of things such as tinned tuna or salmon, smoked salmon, capsicum, carrot, avocado, cucumber...It can then be sliced up and eaten on the spot.  We didn't even bother with plates.  The use of brown rice (make sure it is nice and sticky) would make it even more nutritious - I must try that next time.

The addition of edamame and miso soup rounds out the meal, if just sushi isn't sustaining enough.

And a nice cold beer for mummy, thanks.


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