Simple things with kids: Rice paper rolls

A lot of our summer holiday activities seem to involve food, I must admit, but both Little Miss O and I love eating and cooking, and I am super keen to continue emphasising the benefits of a healthy diet as much as possible.  Propaganda is a powerful tool, my friends.  Getting kids to join in with food preparation is a wonderful way to whet their appetites figuratively and literally.

Like sushi rolls, rice paper rolls can be filled whatever takes your fancy. We had brown rice noodles, cucumber, grated carrot, broccoli sprouts, coriander, avocado and lettuce with soy sauce for the little one and soy sauce and thai chili sauce for me.

I had some amazing ones in Vietnam many, many years ago which were prawn and pineapple and mint which I may have to recreate for the delight of the fam. With ice cold Vietnamese coffee (which incidentally, I don't recommend giving to your kids.  Ha!).  So fresh and so healthy.  Perfect for hot summer days.

What's your favourite recipe for fresh spring rolls?


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