Simple things with kids: Raspberry creamsicles

I love how summer is an excuse to eat and drink deliciously wicked cold things.  Ice cold beer.  Iced coffee.  Popsicles.  I love the word popsicle - so much nicer than ice block or ice lolly.

Recently, we have been lazy and have only used fruit juice to make them, but we decided to get our act together and make something a little more healthy.  Little Miss O and I made some absolute crackers today.  We used this recipe from desserts for except;

1) We didn't have lime so we left it out
2) We didn't really smash the berries (as you can see whole chunks of raspberry in the popsicles)
3) We used honey instead of sugar
4) We added a teaspoon or two of vanilla essence
5) We only used raspberries as they were the only things we had in the freezer

There was quite a bit of mix left over when we finished, so we ate it out of the big bowl with a spoon together.  It was SO good.  Sweet, creamy, raspberry-y and icy cold.  Mmmmmm.  For an authentic experience, eat in front of a fan on a hot day wearing only your undies.


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