Simple things with kids: Necklace making

I am becoming the mistress of school holiday activities.  Or at least, I am deluding myself that I am.  

Yet another fun thing to do with the sproggies is to make jewellery.  Beads can be found easily all over the place - pull apart a few old necklaces that you never wear, grab a handful from a garage sale or op shop or shock, horror - buy them new.  Mine are from Daiso, but I must say, ebay does have a rather thrilling selection for not very much cash.  However, go for the first two sources to begin with - much more eco friendly.  For charms, use earrings that have lost their partner or broken key rings or mobile phone accessories.

Little Miss O got given this babushka who had lost her keyring by the cashier at the Peterhof in Saint Petersburg, so we decided to stick her on a necklace.  Beading is great for fine motor skills and has a kind of meditative appeal...unless of course the whole damn lot gets sprayed all over the floor.  

Be warned that your beloved offspring may lose interest halfway through, leaving you to finish the damn thing off.  However, the end effect is a one-off, handmade piece of jewellery which your child (and you!) can be proud of.  

They also make great gifts for little friends or a great party activity (again, if you're prepared not to swear your head off when some little party-goer sends his or hers flying).


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