Simple things with kids: Memory pages

I never really explained why I was doing these posts.  Basically, my plan was to think of things to do in the summer holidays that aren't expensive, avoid the heat, teach kids' all sorts of skills - life skills, creative skills, fine motor skills etc. and avoid the TV.  I can proudly say that aside from a few minutes on youtube watching different dance styles four or five times, Little Miss O has watched TV ONCE this month.  And she doesn't ask for it.  YES!

As mentioned in the pooh post, Little Miss O has a calendar to fill out of her summer holidays.  We have missed out on heaps because of our Europe trip but whatever.  Again - I projects for three year olds???!!!

So - there are pages for photos and the like, which is a great thing to do with kiddies of all ages.  Get them to pick their fave pics of an activity of a holiday and give them a scrapbook page to decorate.  Washi tape, stickers, coloured paper, textas..anything that you have at home can make it more attractive.  Kids can write a few sentences about what they did - doesn't have to be an epic essay.  Collect them in an album over the years, and they will have a really lovely keepsake of their childhood.  No need to do pages and pages or go over the top, just a little something to jog the memory.  

And remember, parentals, this is your child's work, not leave them to it.


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