Simple things with kids: Making and decorating cupcakes

Whenever I make cupcakes, I always marvel at how disgustingly unhealthy they are..and how absolutely delicious as well.  All that butter and sugar.  Mmmmmm.  Give me a plain vanilla cupcake over any of those fancy cupcake boutique numbers any day.  I like the old school cake shops that sell the pink iced ones with the little sprinkle of ...umm..sprinkles...on the side.

And now..thanks to this recipe, we can have really delicious egg-free ones. Just be careful to read the instructions - there's 150ml of water in there that's not mentioned in the ingredient list.  I think that's why when I made it in Sydney in a hurry one time, it totally did not work cos I may have missed that bit.

Anyway - they are very wicked, but there's a birthday in the fam today. Small fingers will get very messy, and there will be sprinkles and icing every where, but that's half the fun.

And of course, the bowl must always be licked.


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