Simple things with kids: Lemony delicious creamsicles

Nothing I love better than the citrusy tang of lemon. YUM.  Tarte au citron.  Homemade lemonade.  Lemon cake.  Mmmmm.

Thus I was very excited to find a recipe for lemon creamsicles and as Little Miss O and I are having a bit of an ice block thang at the moment, we decided to give these a whirl.  The basic recipe is from gimme some oven, but I fiddled around with it a bit.  We used 1/3 cup honey instead of sugar, made the buttermilk ourselves by adding 1tbsp of white vinegar to 3/4 cup plus 3tbsps of milk and then just used milk for the rest and I think I put in more lemon zest than the original recipe states.  I didn't really measure it out - just kept grating and grating.

So good.


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