Low-fi activities with kids: Dressing up

I still remember my dress-up box from when I was a child.  It included a very exotic red lace mini dress that was my mum's, a knight's helmet and lots of beads.

Fortunately, Little Miss O's dress up box has been evolving quite well.  It includes (at present) cast off jewellery from her oba-chan and me, scarves, a couple of fringed shawls, endless hand me down fairy dresses and tutus, fans, a wand/sword, handbags, a Red Riding Hood cape and an Indian headdress.  Most of it has kind of just ended up there, some has been made by me and not much has been specially bought.  However, I do have plans for some pirate items...

...especially as I had to assemble a pirate outfit this morning.  Little Miss O loves Brecht and Weil's Pirate Jenny sung by Nina Simone, so finally, she decided to get dressed up as a pirate.  Hooorah!  I said.  A refreshing change from bloody brides and princesses.

Having a dress up box for kids is easy peasy and gets endless use.  Little Miss O dresses up every day.   When decluttering your wardrobe, throw beads, scarves, bangles, sparkly bits and bobs into a box.  A cardboard box will do fine, as will an old small suitcase.  Opshops might turn up some funky bags or even some actual secondhand dress ups.  Ask around friends.  Whip up a few items on the sewing machine.  Things like eye masks and capes are quite simple.  

But promise me you will never, ever buy a Disney costume.  


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