Samsara project: Skirt to cushion which things pass through states of existence...

Many, many moons while walking through Hong Kong with my boyfriend at the time (M.W., where are you now?!), I spotted this skirt sticking out of box on the side of the street.

I wore it to a friend's wedding with a gold lurex top. I even wore it to work a few times.  But for many years, it has been flapping around getting in the way.  It's very beautiful, but I am never going to wear it again.  So...I unpicked it, stitched the pleats down, removed the fringing and made it into...

...a cushion.  I know.  Mindblowing ingenuity.  But anyway, at least it has been used, and I am going to send it to my friend whose home is very Asian-themed with red accents.  I hope it will get more love than it has of recent years.


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