Samsara project: Epic quilt project which things pass through states of existence...

If you were to shake out this quilt, I bet hundreds of expletives would fall out.  Really rude ones.  Some very creative.  Some very basic.  But a lot.

The idea for this quilt came to me when I was contemplating the purchase of a big girl's bed for Little Miss O a year ago.  A YEAR.  I had her cot covers and the patchwork playmat left over from her baby days, which I didn't just want to give away considering all the work that had gone into them.  There was also a random patchwork attempt with old handkerchiefs that I had treasured as a child lying around.

Put them all together, and back them with old flannel cot sheets.  Put some organic cotton batting in the middle and make your own bias binding.  Swear some more.

Then finish it and WHOOOOOP for joy because despite all its faults (please don't look too closely), it looks rather bright and colourful on the bed.  And, even more importantly, the epic project is finished.



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