Samsara Project: Mama's dress to girl's dress which things pass through states of existence...

I love this dress.  LOVE it.  However, recently, the seams started to go and when I restitched them, it took up enough fabric to cause the dress to pull in weird places, causing an unflattering bubble effect around the bottom.  As much as I pulled and belted and adjusted, I knew I wasn't going to wear it again.  Sob.  Thus, it was ready to be given away.

But then, I decided to (save up for a new one) turn it into a dress for little Miss O.

I used parts of this pattern, which was similar to the shape of the original dress to give me a rough idea where to cut and sew.  Basically, I wanted to achieve it with the minimum of fuss.

Using the yoke piece helped me to cut the top part. I made the neckline a bit higher and wider to allow me to keep the flower embroidery in tact.  

The skirt piece helped me to cut the length and the width.  I kept the original seams to save sewing hassle.  I bound the armholes and the neckline with bias I already had at home and cut a slit in the back to help get it over her head.  I am going to do a thread crochet button hole for the back.

Et voilà!  The embroidery does look a little truncated, and it might be slightly wonky, but it is very cute on and will make a great summer dress when she gets a bit bigger.  And I got to save money by getting her clothes for "nothing," which is basically my plan for her wardrobe as much as I can.


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