Samsara project: Upcycled blanket which things pass through states of existence...

Before Little Miss O was born, my mum sent a box of stuff including things handed down from my sister-in-law. Among them were two gorgeous waffle weave cot blankets of a really nice quality.  When she got her big girl's bed, I was loathe to get rid of them, so I decided to turn them into a blanket for her new bed.

I simply unstitched all the edges to give me a bit more material to work with and sewed them together rot make one big piece.  This left me with some raw edges.  At first, I tried just sewing some extra pieces of fabric, but it didn't work at all - they buckled and wrinkled and I couldn't get them to sew on properly - I kept skipping bits.  It got stashed in the project box for quite some time.

A few days ago, I resurrected it.  At first, I was going to give up and turn it into hand towels, but feeling how nice the fabric was again, I decided to continue with the blanket idea.   I was going to buy some extra wide binding, but no....what was I thinking?  As part of my plan to use what I have at home, I made my own using some fabric I was going to pass on.  It was easy - I just used a ruler and placed it on the diagonal of the fabric to decide where to cut it and then stitched the pieces together.

It worked pretty well as bias binding with a bit of dodginess at the corners, but no-one is going to mind.  Come the cooler weather, Little Miss O will be cosy and warm..and it didn't cost me anything. YAY.


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