More simple ways to spoil yourself on your birthday...

You could also get yourself a bunch of feathers and soft toys à la Shanghai style, but that would be broken and wrong.

Another birthday approaches with alarming speed, so here are some ideas for feeling great on the day.  It's only a number after all.

1) Sleep in

Those of you, like me, with a small child, will laugh at this one somewhat bitterly, but for the rest of you blessed mortals - go for it. Actually, Little Miss O can usually be convinced to play Sylvanian Families, which are right next to the futon in the tatami room, for a while so I can snooze.  Cost: Free.

2) Breakfast in bed

Get someone else to make it for you, if you can, or even making it yourself and taking it back to bed for a while still feels a bit decadent.  Cost: How much does brekky at home cost?  A couple of dollars?

3) Play hooky

Errr..I am not advocating fraudulent use of your sick leave (or am I?), but why not take the day off work if you have any holidays left?  Or if you work from home or freelance, just block your birthday out.  For the stay at home parents, leave the washing and the vacuuming etc.  Have something in the freezer for lunch or dinner (unless of course someone is taking you out!) and just take the day off from the usual grrrrrrind. Cost: Free

4) Spend time with people that you love

Meet a friend or family member for a cup of tea or coffee or lunch or dinner. Being with people whose company that I enjoy always leaves me on a bit of a high, which is just what you want on your birthday. Cost: As little as the price of a cup of coffee.

5) Have a picnic.

Moving your meal to a different location, especially outside on a  beautiful day, always feels special.  Raid your fridge or heat up that meal that you froze earlier (see point 3) and then walk or cycle to a nearby park.  Or even just step into your backyard.  Set up your kids' teepee in the lounge room.  Cost: The price of the food in your fridge.  Hard to calculate, but for me, a decent picnic will cost about $10 - $15 from my fridge.  It doesn't have to be champagne and smoked salmon, it's amazing how good bread and cheese tastes outside.

6) Have a long and peaceful bath

Relax your (now a year older!) body in a looong bath.  Do the whole turning out the lights thing.  Have a candle or two.  Even a glass of wine. Cost: My soy candles cost about $10 and a glass of wine about $4 or so from a $20 bottle.

7) Get a massage.

Ask someone you love to give you a bit of a rub down...perhaps after that lovely long bath. A bit of coconut oil will smell and feel lovely...and so will you.  Cost: A small amount of coconut oil - virtually negligible.

8) Go to bed early.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  Eherm - even if you just go straight to sleep, you will feel beautifully refreshed the next day to start your whole new year on a good note. Cost: Free

There you go, and if I did all of those things, which would be cramming a lot in, that would cost me around $35 which in these days of horrors, as my grandmother used to say, is not tooooo much.  But man, would I feel bloody fantastic!


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