Allergy-free: Tofu mayonnaise

Please note that allergy free posts cover my daughter's personal allergies - eggs, sesame and all nuts but walnuts and does not constitute medical advice.

Little Miss O is allergic to eggs, as you may have already noticed from reading this blog.  Although we don't eat a lot of mayo, it' still good to have some in the fridge.  Potato salad! I tried an egg-free mayonnaise called Mayo Zero Plus made by a Japanese company and a canola mayo by Spectrum Naturals.  Both were fine, but I just felt a bit iffy about canola and not really knowing what was in the Zero Plus.

So - I made my own.  I based it on a recipe on, but I changed the amounts and ingredients a little.  I used one pack of Ito Yokado silken tofu (I think it is 150g) and only 1/6 cup of olive oil, and I didn't use salt.  Instead of dijon mustard, I used wholegrain which was the one I had open.  The amount of lemon juice was the same.

Overall,  it tasted pretty good.  The consistency was mayonnaise-esque and the taste was...well...quite like mayo, but obviously not mayo.  I tried it out in a tuna (yes, I know the irony of a vegan mayo in a tuna salad), cucumber, grated carrot and tomato salad filling for some homemade pita today at lunch. It was delicious,  and it got the seal of approval from the little dude too.


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