Samsara project: Brownie patches to brooches which things pass through states of existence...

Ahh..Brownies.  Definitely a cult - that initiation ceremony with the darkness and the candles and the owls and the pond and circling around the pond chanting.  All very odd.  What I remember about Brownies includes going on a camp where we got two minute cold showers and spent a lot of time cleaning our rooms and where I first saw someone put tomato sauce on their scrambled eggs and through it was totally gross.  And a talent show where I danced the tarantella, but the floor was way too slippery, and every other child eeeeeked out Humoresque on the violin.  Sleeping (or not sleeping) on the floor of the Brownie hall with special needs children one night.  Cooking mashed potatoes and carrots and feeling so sophisticated.  Getting my thrift badge and making a draught stopper with a stocking and some newspaper.  And so on...

This was hanging around at my parents' I decided to do something about it.  Those round badges were too good to discard.  "Pow wow!"  "Revels!"  Fantastic.  So, I made them into brooches.

I shall pop them into my care package box to send to someone to cheer their day.


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