Getting started

So - I decided to get right into my goals.  Nothing like the present, hey? Out and about today with my small friend, we decided to do our best to reject rubbish.  We packed carefully...this stuff takes a lot of preparation.

Snack boxes (sultanas, edamame and cherry tomatoes), drink bottle, Keepcup in case a babycino was needed (it wasn't), a wet towel in a container to wipe messy hands and a face washer for general use.

I took a Keepcup in case a coffee was needed (it wasn't),  a face washer for when I got sweaty cycling in the filthy stinking heat, grocery bags, a water bottle and an insulated bag for cold stuff.  There's a lot of plastic here, I am aware of that, but I am on a mission to reduce it, as previously mentioned.  Not going to happen overnight.

So - we rejected one-use wet towels, plastic bags, plastic bags with ice in them and paper serviettes.  I screwed up by accepting a mini iced coffee in a paper cup AND by forgetting to bring a container for my coffee beans.  The things we did buy that were packaged - tacos in a box, chickpeas in a tin and berries in a plastic bag as well as a paper label on some socks can at least be recycled.  That is of course, the last resort, I know, but should see the packaging in this joint.  Individually plastic wrapped banana or slice of dried fruit, anyone? I will probably reuse the taco box to make cards.  

And then I saw a couple taking every item from their shopping basket and putting it in one of those thin plastic bags (the kind that they have for putting fruit and veggies in), which are free in the packing area as opposed to the 2 yen per plastic supermarket bag..and then putting them in their eco bag.  And how I longed to have enough bravery and comprehendible Japanese to actually tell them that they were....well....let's just tone it down and say "irresponsible." Sigh.


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