Sewing for kids: 100 yen skirt

I bought this cute vintage number at the Meiji Koen flea markets (oh where did you gooooo???) many, many moons ago for 100 yen.  How cute is that "Girls in Paris" fabric.  When I tried it on Little Miss O, the straps weren't working out for her at all, but the waist was too big still.

I simply unpicked the straps to remove them and then unpicked the waistband at each end and put in elastic.  The skirt is still a little long and a little loose, but that kiddy is growing like a little weed, and it's going to fit soon enough.

Hey - look, I even ironed it.  Hehe.  And if anyone knows if Meiji Koen flea markets are back or still on or have moved, please let me know.  They were my absolute favourites.


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