Curiouser and curiouser

Today, we went to pick up some of Little Miss O's stuff from her kindy.  At that time, we were presented with her summer holiday project (she is THREE!) - a calendar to fill out with stickers, photos and drawings etc.  Er - and with only a week to go until school goes back.  Ooops.

Anyway - I leafed through it and there on the stickers page were...

...pooh stickers.  That's right, people.  Regular poohs, little pebble-like poohs and a nice diarrhoea splat.    And...

... a space on the calendar to stick them every day.  Or whenever it is that one defecates.



  1. my daughter would love this!!!! :))) she is in a total poo phase

    1. haha - so is mine! She shows everyone including her imaginary visitors.


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