Confessions of a waster

Sounds a lot more...lascivious and hedonistic than it actually is.  This is where I am going to be accountable for my attempts to live a zero waste and plastic-free lifestyle.  I am going to photograph everything that goes in my bin each day and then try and find solutions to each of those waste issues.

I am a bit shocked with what came up on the first day, and I am certainly shocked enough to really kick my arse into gear.  Fasten your seat belts - it's an epic post...

Japanese breakfast foods.  Tofu packets, hijiki packet and sweet potato packets as well as outside wrapping of natto were all recycled, the rest into the bin.  

Coffee packet was recycled.

Toilet roll was recycled

Shiitake packet was recycled but moisture thingy went in the bin.

Wine bottle, spice bottle, veggie packets all recycled but mushroom bottom went in the bin.

Paper from cutting out was recycled

Cucumber end went in the bin and tomato packet went in the recycling

Milk carton went in the recycling

Thread went in the bin and thread wrapper in the recycling

Veggie label went in the bin

Lettuce leaves went in the bin

Rotten avocado went in the bin

Beer cans x 3 (oops!) went in the recycling

A bit of an anomaly - we went to a block party today.  Junk food packet went in the recycling

Another junk food packet in the bin

Name tag in the bin

Bread bag to be reused for rubbish

Vegetable ends went in the bin

Peanut packet went in the recycling

Ice block packets in the recycling and sticks in the bin

Junk food packet in the recycling

Peanuts packet in the recycling

Name tag in the bin

Not pictured or mentioned was a piece of floss and toilet paper.  Woaaaaah. That is a lot of rubbish - and I didn't even document Mr O's.  Just for two people - me and the kiddo.  Given, a lot of it gets recycled, but that is really the last resort, isn't it?  So - tomorrow, my first step is to go for a wander on the bike and look around for some "mom and pop" stores that might have what I am looking for - food without packaging is the main thing. Also - I am going to enlist Mr O to find out if there is anywhere we can donate compost because I have the bins, but I don't have the garden.  

So much to do.  I will be doing these "confessions" for a while to see if they can't shame me into being much more vigilant.  Might take me a lot longer to do my shopping 'though...


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