Confessions of a waster Day 7

This is the last in this week long viewing of the trash that I make.  After this, I will be doing an overview of the waste I created and making an action plan.

Sanitary napkin wrapper (reycling) and backing (bin)

Eggshells (bin)

Blueberry packet (recycling)

Coffee grinds (bin)

Spray bottle with label and lid (label in bin, bottle and lid saved for travel)

Veggie scraps (bin), cheese packet (recycling), tomato paste packet (bin), jar (recycling) and lid (bin).

Spinach stalks (bin)

Sultana packet (recycling)

Thread (bin)

Nail clippings (bin)

Wasabi packet (? - left in restaurant)

Prawn tails (? - left in restaurant)

Juice box (? - left in restaurant)

Clam shells (? - left in restaurant)

Kakigori bowl and spoon (put in recycling)

Beer cup (left at recycling)

Plastic bag for super balls (recycling)

Hair from comb (bin)

Paper from ice cream and plastic bag (bin).  I really have to stop Mr O giving me the damn plastic bag.

Not pictured: two tampons and wrappers, sanitary napkin and disgusting soapy mass of hair from the drain.


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