Confessions of a waster Day 6

This is proving to be an interesting experiment.  It's really quite simple to come up with alternatives to a lot of things (wrapping a silicone baking mat instead of cling wrap around a rolling pin to make it non-stick for example), and I am learning to be more prepared.  I had my Keep-cup and my own cloth serviettes with me today when I went out, so I didn't create any rubbish when eating.

I got a bit disenchanted today for two reasons.

1) It is often more expensive to buy the product without packaging.  There are a number of reasons why such as the bread is bought at a fancy bread shop, not just the bog standard supermarket kind, but it makes it a bit tricky especially when you are already on a bit of a low budget.
2) Forget refusing packaging etc. and thus reducing the amount of waste initially produced, as I wandered down the street today on my way to the station, I noticed that people don't even bother to recycle. Sigh.

Napkin cover - recycling and bin

Clothing labels - recycling and bin

Wrapping from flowers - bin and recycling

Tampon wrapper - recycling (the other two went in the bin - not pictured)

Library receipts and bank statement - recycling and bin.  

Coconut bag - recycling

Banana skin - bin

Orange peel - bin

Little Miss O's uneaten noodles - bin

Corn husk - bin

Onion skin and broccoli leaves - bin

Tins - recycling

Leather scraps - bin

Corn cob - bin

Coffee grinds - bin

Thread - bin

Not pictured - three tampons, a sanitary napkin and toilet paper.

I haven't received a reply from the local government about a request for information as to what to do with compost once it has turned into its final form.  Sigh.  I would be beside myself with joy if I could start composting again.  I feel so bad sticking all that great compostable stuff into the biiiiiin.  Maybe I could do stealth composting?  Or offer it for free around my apartments?  If anyone out there has got any brilliant ideas, I am all ears!  I need to find a place to recycle textile material too.  AND, I have a menstrual cup in my shopping cart online, which hopefully will stop the need for disposable napkins and tampons.  I already have cloth napkins, but sometimes, they just don't cut it.  I have stopped getting the library receipt, and I wonder if I can just have the amount printed in my bank book and not get the receipt.  I just have to find my bank book.  Hm.


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