Confessions of a waster Day 5

Ice cream wrapper and plastic bag (bin)

Napkin wrapper (recycling and bin)

Eggshells (bin)

Coffee grinds (bin)

Tampon wrapper (recycling) 

Wasabi packet (? left at restaurant)

Juice box (? left at restaurant)

Clam shells (? left at restaurant)

Paper (recycling)

Paper (recycling)

Edamame skins (bin)

Plastic wrapper (recycling)

Can (recycling)

Cucumber end (bin) and plastic wrapper (recycling)

Tin (recycling)

Naxi skin (bin)

Delivery box, catalogue, receipt and plastic wrapping (all recycled except for receipt which I have kept for Little Miss O's drawings)

Clothing label (recycled)

Tampon wrapper (recycling)

Paper napkin (? left at restaurant)

Paper napkin (? left at restaurant)

Foil and cellophane (bin and recycling)

Clothing label (recycling)

Toilet roll (recycling)

Not pictured - toilet paper, one sanitary napkin and two tampons.

I took a reusable wet towel to the restaurant today for Little Miss O, but I didn't think about cloth napkins - so I shall have to pop those in the bag next time.  I was upset that my soap powder that I sought far and wide for - eco friendly and in a paper bag, came so heavily packaged.  Sigh.  As for the wasabi, is it more eco friendly to carry my own in a larger plastic tube, or just have the single use packets?  Is it possible to find wasabi in paper?  I found cordless unbleached recycled toilet paper, but it does come wrapped in plastic....But then again, so does the stuff with a core.  But then, there is the cardboard box it comes posted in.  Will have to look at the supermarket for cordless to avoid the box. Issues, issues.....


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