Confessions of a waster Day 4

And another day spent longing for a place to put my compost.  I spent some time in my balcony garden today, and I think at least I have enough space in my pots for one bucket of compost which will at least tide me over for a while.  I need to get some of the micro-organism stuff that you put in and that comes guessed it....plastic!  Woohooo.  Sigh.

And today's waste (seriously - half of it could be composted.  I wonder if my mother-in-law needs compost?)

Coffee grains (could be composted - went in the bin)

Bits of fabric (bin)

Back of postage label (bin)

Tampon wrapper (recycled) and toilet roll (recycled).  Note to self - search for recycled cordless toilet paper rolls.

Weeds etc. from garden (bin)

Seed packets (paper to recycling, silver stuff to bin)

Fabric scraps (polyester so uncompostable - bin)

Onion skin (bin)

Cans (recycling)

Corn packet (recycling)

Tomato tops (bin)

Toothbrush head and packet (recycling)

Edamame and avocado skins (bin)

Blob of glue (bin)

Naxi skins (bin)

Tampon wrapper (recycling)

Tomato packet (recycling)

Cucumber end (bin)

Avocado skin and stone (bin)

Coffee grinds (bin)

Hair from my comb (bin)

Tea bag and wrapper (bin).  

I brought a whole lot of Pukka teas, which I love, back from the UK, but they are all in teabag form.  When I have finished drinking through them all, I shall switch to loose leaf.  I love my little tea cosy.  I shall have to research loose leaf in the rather long time it is going to take me to drink through over one hundred tea bags.  I told you - I love their tea.

This post does not include pics of two tampons, toilet paper and a sanitary napkin.


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