Confessions of a waster Day 3

I hope everyone is getting some kind of voyeuristic delight out of viewing my rubbish.  It's an interesting experiment because it is making me think about;

1) What I buy
2) How it is packaged
3) What I use
4) How I dispose of items

I emailed the ward office last night asking compost donation (do you think I need to get A Life?) but no reply as yet.  Seriously, being able to compost again would halve my garbage production or thereabouts.  I am also going to start switching to cotton threads and felts as I think they can be composted too.  Err...when I find somewhere to put my compost.  How many times can you say compost in a paragraph?  I also tracked down some washing powder in what I hope is a paper bag and am currently looking at buying some bulk organic bread flour (also in paper).  Phew.  As for the eggs, I am going to go back to the Tokyu which sells the non-GMO eggs in cardboard.

Today's waste:

Napkin wrapper (bin) and toilet roll tube (recycling)

Banana (bin) and plastic (recycling)

Banana skin (bin)

Yoghurt packet (recycling)

Tag (recycling)

Coffee grinds (bin)

Fabric (bin)

Plastic wrapping from stuffing (recycling)

Thread (bin)

Tin (recycling) and veggie scraps (bin)

Thread (bin)

Chives - a failed experiment to regrow (bin)

Used up sticker book (recycling)

Random buttons etc. (bin/recycling)

Felt (bin), wrapper (recycling) and thread (bin)

Plastic mushroom container (recycling)

Ends of mushrooms (bin)

Veggie scraps (bin)

Veggie scraps (bin)

Tofu container (recycling)

Lettuce outer leaves (bin)

Tomato tops (bin)

Eggshells (bin) and plastic egg container (recycling)

Dashi pack (bin)

Edamame skins (bin)

Not pictured - one sanitary napkin and one piece of junk mail.  I need to convince Mr O to get me one of those no junk mail signs.


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