A Nineties Moment

Have just enjoyed watching the most amazing sky caused by a typhoon and a sunset combined....

Today, I made focaccia.  Remember the 90s?  Well, if you were vegetarian, you ate a lot of roast veggie and pesto focaccia.  A lot of it.  Then ciabatta took over.

I borrowed a bread book from the library yesterday, and I got all inspired to make an olive and tomato studded one.  What idiot tries to make bread and get it to rise when a typhoon is on the way and the air is soupy?  Me.  Thus, the dough did not prove properly and my foccacia came out very dense.  Plus my oven doesn't seem to brown anything, so it looks kind of pasty too.

Still, Mr O ate it, but would I call him discerning?  Perhaps not.

Then, I belted out Alanis Morissette in the shower.

Next thing you know, I am going to be wearing loose floral granny dresses, BOY London tshirts and belts with massive belt buckles (mine was Harley Davidson back in the day.  Ahahaha).


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