A happy shopper

I know it's a long way from perfect, but I was pretty happy with this shopping today.  I went to Tokyu, which I like as a supermarket because it has an increasing range of organic products.  YAY!  There is also not an excessive amount of plastic (comparatively speaking.  This is the home of excess packaging, after all)  in this picture.  Little Miss O and I weighed up choices, checked out packaging and labels..and generally took about ten times as long as it should normally to buy a few things.  Ah well...

And my little eco warrior in training piped up nice and loudly with a plastic alert when I was daydreaming and didn't notice the cashier trying to slip my broccoli into one of those hideous thin plastic bags.  Nice one, Little Miss O.

My bread without plastic buying experience was smoother today, although it did cost twice as much.  Hm.  

Damn crazy gaijin.


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