My to do list: Try meditation

Now that the holiday period is over,  I am back into focussing on a more relaxed, mindful, eco-friendly, creative, minimalist and so on existence.  It's something that I really am interested in, and although sometimes I feel like I have a case of the old "one step forward, two steps back,"  I still feel slowly I am adding valuable things to my life.  Not things as in "stuff" but valuable....dimensions?

Tonight, Little Miss O went off to bed like a dream and Mr O is at karate, so I decided to try meditating.  It's something I have wanted to do for a while because in a world filled with so many things to keep the mind racing and preoccupied, I really wanted to try and find some stillness in my life.

I was catching up on The Minimalists the other day, and they mentioned this site with two guided meditations.  Perfect!  I tried the nine minute one tonight, and I really enjoyed it.  I set myself up in the semi-dark in my favourite spot with my legs crossed.  It was easy to follow with clear instructions and thankfully no "your thoughts are fluffy clouds in a blue sky - push the clouds away" crap which I can't stand.  And although my mind wandered a teeny bit, I was able to pull it back quite well and easily.

Afterwards, I felt still and calm and peaceful.  Nice.  I will definitely be giving it another go tomorrow (I may have to shoo Mr O from the room or wait until everyone is in bed) and then eventually move on to the longer 26 minute one.

What new improvement are you making in your life today?


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