Chilly thoughts

A little notion or two that I have put into action while travelling (see pic of my fridge in Paris) ;

1) Only have in the fridge/cupboard what you need for the next meal or two.  This works well for those of us who live nearby a supermarket or grocer or FANTASTIC FRENCH STREET FULL OF FOOD SHOPS (bit excited) !!!  Trickier for those of us who live further away from civilisation.  Saves food going bad.  Saves a big mess of crap in the fridge.

2) Assemble, don't cook.  My meals have been pretty healthy of late (OK  - not the wine or the apricot jam, I admit)  - rocket, tomatoes, smoked salmon, a little cheese, olives and so on and I haven't really cooked anything except a bit of zucchini in the pan or some mushrooms.  I love it.  So easy.  So little faffing around and so little washing up.  Perfect.

I shall be trying those at home. Hello minimalist fridge/pantry!


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