Packing lists: A week of outfits

Now that all the articles about packing have been read,  I am finally in Europe and putting it all together for my first week on holiday.  I started in Saint Petersburg, Russia which so far has been a bit chilly and rainy.  On the first morning, I looked way too rough to show my face, so I have cropped myself.  Sorry..vanity, vanity, all is vanity....

Day 1: Beret, mustard scarf, bottle necklace, white singlet, white spotted shirt, cream cardigan, khaki jacket, skinny jeans, spotted Converse (plus socks and undies).

Day 2: Blue beret, blue scarf, white singlet, stripey t-shirt, cream cardi, khaki jacket, skinny jeans, spotted Converse (not pictured) and silver ring (plus socks and undies).

Day 3: Blue scarf, bottle necklace, silver ring, white tshirt, black long-sleeved top, skinny jeans and spotted Converse (with socks and undies).

Day 4: Blue scarf, cream lacy top, white singlet, silver ring, navy loose pants, spotted Converse (with socks and undies)

Day 5: I was sick as a dog and took two planes and a train and left the house at 4.30am to get to Oslo, so there's no photo, I am afraid.  But I wore my spotted shirt, white singlet, bottle necklace, silver ring, mustard scarf, loose blue pants, beret and spotted Converse.

At present,  I am in Oslo enjoying the calm vibes, green spaces and perfect weather.  
Day 6: Cream cardi, white tshirt, white singlet, mustard scarf, silver ring, skinny jeans and spotted Converse (with socks and undies).

Day 7:  Cream cardi, white singlet, green silk top, bottle necklace, silver ring, skinny jeans and spotted Converse (with socks and undies).

That's a week of easy dressing with my little suitcase of things.  I am making a list of all the other stuff I packed that I am using so that next time I travel, I can cut down my baggage further.  For example, my iPod and headphones haven't left the bag they were packed in, but my umbrella has seen a lot of use.

Stay tuned for next week's outfits.


  1. you should do 2in1 (picture) - would love to see what your little girl was wearing too :)

    1. Haha. Yes - that is a good idea. Although after the morning " I want to wear a dress" discussion, I am usually too shattered to think about photos. Haha. Got to love three year olds.

  2. yes, have one myself :) possibly short, pink and with purikura....

  3. :) Got to love the purikura.


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