Packing lists: Another week of outfits

Day 8: White singlet, white tshirt, bottle necklace, navy scarf, silver ring, navy loose pants and yellow sandals.

Day 9: Striped long-sleeved shirt, navy scarf, bottle necklace, skinny jeans, spotted Converse, silver ring.

Day 10: Not a great shot because of the light behind - I will close the curtains next time!  Parka, mustard scarf, white spotted shirt, white singlet, silver ring, skinny jeans and spotted Converse.

Day 11: No pic today, I am afraid, as we left the house in a daze.  Parka, cream cardigan, navy and white striped tshirt, navy scarf, white singlet, skinny jeans and spotted Converse.

Day 12: Black long-sleeved top, white linen tshirt, mustard scarf, skinny jeans, silver ring and spotted Converse.

Day 13: White spotted shirt, white singlet, mustard scarf, silver ring, bottle necklace, skinny jeans, spotted Converse.

Day 14: No pic, I am afraid.  White singlet, navy scarf, navy and white striped long-sleeved tee, navy loose pants, spotted Converse, silver ring.

Not the best-dressed chick in town, and I am tiring a little of the same old same old, yet, perversely, I am also enjoying the lack of choice, but I am still finding it easy to get dressed every day in something location and weather appropriate.  Hooray!  


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