Packing lists: And yet another week of outfits

The weather is beginning to feel a little warmer, but still not quite enough for me to get right into the summer vibe.  Here's this week's outfits from my little suitcase:

Day 15: No pic again, I am afraid.  Navy and white striped t-shirt, navy scarf, skinny jeans, silver ring, white singlet, spotted Converse.

Day 16:  An outdoor pic! I'm excited about being in Helsingør, location of Hamlet's castle.  Pity I forgot my mascara this morning and look a bit....washed out.  White singlet, white t-shirt, beige cardi, navy scarf, skinny jeans, silver ring and yellow sandals.  I realise that I have forgotten to mention the brown belt all along, which I have been wearing each time I wear the jeans.

Day 17: Khaki parka, navy scarf, navy and white striped tshirt, skinny jeans, brown belt, silver ring, spotted Converse.

Day 18: Khaki parka, mustard scarf, white singlet, white spotted shirt, silver ring, brown belt, skinny jeans, spotted Converse.

Day 19: Navy scarf, navy and white striped tshirt, skinny jeans, spotted Converse and silver ring.

Day 20: Walking the York walls.  Beige cardigan, white singlet, white tshirt, navy scarf, skinny jeans, silver ring, spotted Converse

Day 21: Khaki parka, white spotted shirt, white singlet, skinny jeans, mustard scarf, skinny jeans (oh no - I have been forgetting the brown belt again!), silver ring and spotted Converse.


  1. you look great and very young - like a 20 year old student! karin

    1. Thank you Karin! That has made my DAY! Even, perhaps, my year. :)


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