Eating: Norwegian food

...or not Norwegian food.  Just food.  Bought in Norway.  Look and weep my friends;

I ate my body weight in smoked salmon.  On crisp bread at breaky.  On thick dense brown bread at lunch.  With salad at dinner.  

Coffee in a bowl bigger than my head.  And such goooood coffee.

Asparagus and potato salad.  Wayhay!  No smoked salmon.

Jubileumbolle - possibly the most amazing cake known to humankind.

Beer.  Aaas.  Hansa.  Random craft brews.  All good.

Amazing bread - look at all that seeeeeed.  And oats.  YUM.

Pancakes served fresh and hot with strawberry jam.

Errrr...and more cakes.  And not pictured, but definitely worth a mention are Norwegian tomatoes.  So good.  So salty-sweet, juicy delicious.  And worth mentioning because it's not worth bothering - the food at the fish market in Bergen.  Smells so good, but so...meagre.  So expensive. So - walk on by.


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