Design love: A tin and an upcycle

Great graphics on a tin in a cafe where I had my morning brew today.  It was awesome.  The coffee, that is.  The tin is pretty good too.

And...not pictured but worth a look is the Salvation Army store on Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg.  They take clothes that can't be sold and remake them into patchwork quilts and children's clothes and toys.  The woman who worked there was telling me about it and she waved a carefree hand at the workshop where there was a STACK...and I am talking about a STACK of amazing looking fabrics ("all donated!, she exclaimed) waiting to be sewn up.  I asked very wistfully if they didn't sell any of the fabrics, but the answer was a firm "no."  If you don't sew or get fabric envy, then it's worth a look.  The little dresses and quilts were particularly cute.


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