Design love: Danish minimalism

Oh Scandinavia, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways... I am at the moment deeply in love with Danish minimalist design.  I want to sell everything and just live in plain, light, whiteness.  Here are just a few glorious examples.

The amaaaaazing Airbnb apartment where we are staying.  Silly bloody-sized TV, but catch sight of that womb chair in the background?  That is where I am sitting as we type, surrounded by evening light from the windows.

A table set all in white with a touch of blue from Royal Copenhagen porcelain.  I love that china.

The new electric rechargeable bikes that you can hire - complete with GPS for 25DKK an hour.  All white.  Well....mostly.  If only I could find them with a seat for Little Miss O.

Great cup design at the National Art Gallery café.  Wish I could say the same for the coffee!

Simple design and table setting at a restaurant inside the walls of Kronborg Castle.  A flower and a candle.  Perfect. 

And finally, the light and airy interior of the National Museum.


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