Whiter shade of pale

Poor Little Miss O has been on a bit of a vomit spree...oh the terror of going to check on your child's cough and finding that...haha, in fact, she was fast asleep in a pool of and basically choking on her own vomit.

Anyway.  Many laundry loads later and a white top that she puked on yesterday was still looking a bit worse for wear, so I decided to go fully retro and boil it.  COPPER that sucker.

OK - it's not rrrrreeeeeaaaally a copper.  It's my biggest pot with about 1/2 cup of bicarb left on a simmering-ish boil for a few hours.  I had to turn it off as I couldn't keep an eye on it, so I left the top soaking overnight in the water and shall fire it up again tomorrow. Let's hope that it brings it back to its original snowy hue.  And let's consider the insanity of being the mother of a small child and having almost all white/off-white tops in my wardrobe.

For the record, Little Miss O is back on form and the docs had no idea why she was hurling.  


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