When life gives you onions...make onion tart...

Radish Boya sent me a lot of onions the other day so on a mad cooking spree today, I jacked up the Sugarcubes on the stez and  made onion tart.  This one has a vegan filling (from here but without the salt) and a vegetarian crust (from a recipe that I have forgotten where it came from on the giant beast that is the internet).  Oh...so complex, so confused.  It was yum.  The pastry was a little dry though.  Anyone got a recipe for an egg-free spelt flour shortcrust pastry lying around?

I served it with a cabbage and spring onion salad dressed with yoghurt and a little egg-free mayo, some sugar snap peas sautéed in garlic, which were SUPER yum, and some cherry tomatoes.  

And then I got to work on the capsicums that I also got - three of the buggers.  A little googling came up with this but mine didn't come out quite as yummy looking.  I had to swap cashews for walnuts because Little Miss O is allergic to them.  I also had to leave out the red chilli and I chose to leave out the salt and the sugar.  Still - it tastes pretty good.

Is there nothing more satisfying than the smells and colours of a really healthy, delicious homemade meal?  I love cooking.


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