Eco eater: What's cooking - Shungiku...and what's burning - Yama-imo

When I took these chrysanthemum greens out of the fridge, Little Miss O took one look at them and said "I'm not eating that".  Ah - but add a little tuna and a little dashi and she wolfed it down.  When these arrived in my veggie box, I was buggered if I knew what to do with them.  But oh..look!  Pages and pages of nice simple recipes.  I mixed and matched a couple to come up with this dish and it was really very tasty.  Unknown Japanese veggies - you do not scare me!

...OK - well maybe you do when you start frothing...

What a weird little beastie the yama-imo is!  Grate it and it turns into a strange white frothy glooooop.  I wanted to make elegant little pancakes à la this website, frying pan (Tefal and all!) no longer seems to be non-stick.  Everything just sticks and burns and thus I crash and burn...

Exhibit A: From promising delicious smelling pancake possibility...

to burnt-ish mess.  But it still tasted OK...give or take a carcinogen or two.

Sigh.  If anyone knows why my frying pan is doing this to me...sure, I use it a lot, but only for a year or two and always lightly greased...then I would love some advice on how to fix it.  Am I doing something wrong or is it just time for YET ANOTHER new pan?  


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