Wardrobe declutter

It's amazing what one can do without a small friend at one's heels.  I have managed more decluttering and other projects in the last couple of weeks than I have managed in ...YEARS!  Yesterday, it was my wardrobe's turn as I was sick of not being able to move the hangers or close the drawers.  Ugh.




This time, I used the concept of a uniform list.  I used to love getting uniform and book lists at school - all those things to tick off!  I still remember..."Clarks mid-term shoes in sunset."  And that was over 20 years ago!

So, I took in my current situation - stay at home mother who would rather be still working as a freelance writer, proofreader and editor (hint, hint) and who does exercise almost every day, wears jeans often and is not really a high heel wearer.  Err...and who doesn't get out much.  Ha.  And then I made myself a list.  I listed everything - lounge wear, sleepwear, sportswear, shoes, accessories, bags,  beachwear, underwear, summer clothing and winter clothing.  With this list in hand, I pulled out everything from my wardrobe and then went "shopping."

I am not sure that I should bore you....but I will give you a little excerpt to get you on your way.
2 x skinny indigo wash jeans
2 x light pants
2 x summer skirts
1 x summer party dress....

And guess what?  Besides another cosy hoodie, a white singlet and a sweatshirt, I had everything I needed.  I won't be rushing to buy them though as I have survived without them so far.  AND I was able to get some more stuff out.  Stuff that I hadn't worn, that I didn't feel good in, no matter how cute they were...(bye bye cute vintage Mexican dress that stuck out a mile over my bum...which doesn't stick out a mile by itself!). In fact, I had more than I needed, but didn't want to just chuck clothes for the sake of conforming exactly to my list, so I have turned around all the hangers to do that oldie but goodie.  Hopefully, that will clear out anything that shouldn't be there.  


What tricks are you using to help you declutter?


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