Eco eater: Veggie box trials - Sayonara Radish Boya

The sorry state of my veggie bowl today with no Radish Boya delivery.  I know - I am a fickle woman, and it all seemed to be going so well, but then suddenly, I fell out of love with Radish Boya.  But what happened?  It wasn't them, it was me.  It wasn't me, it was them.  Either way - we broke up.

It started with those odd veggies I was getting.  The ferns.  Those ferns were the beginning of the end.  Then it was the size of my fridge.  It was just not equipped to hold that many veggies (which is less than what we actually use in a week, but all at once) at the same time.  Finally, the daikon, sweet potato and carrot from last week went pretty bad after only a couple of days, and that just pissed me off, to be honest.  And so, it is over.

What next?  I think that as the weather gets warmer and warmer in the Toke, I will just be picking up my veg at Tokyu as I use it.  It may not all be organic but if I can manage a combo of organic and local, then I will be pretty happy.

Sayonara Radish Boya.


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