Eco eater: Veggie box trials - Radish Boya still going strong

Very happy with the box today.  Faaaavaaaa beans.  And a nice chianti.  Ew.  

Hannibal Lecter aside, there were no really odd things in there today (I am STILL scarred by the ferns), so I have lots of recipe ideas in my head for the fam this week.  Lots of good veg for roasting. Cabbage for crunchy salads.  Greens to stir fry.  Nira (garlic chives) to put in my scrambled egg and for a sauce for squid.  (We sometimes eat seafood at home.) Mushies for my morning toast.  Broccoli to make a lentil and broccoli coconut curry.  Mmmm.

So far, I have no inclination to look for another supplier, but never know what is around the corner.  Figuratively or literally...she says, mysteriously.


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