Eco eater: Veggie box trials - Radish Boya (part 2)

Another Tuesday, another veggie box from Radish Boya.  The delivery guy arrived on time AND on a public holiday and the veggies were packed with a returnable ice pack, which was a pleasant surprise.  A lot of suppliers charge more for cooling devices. He also picked up last week's empty cardboard box, which I liked too, although I do suspect Mr O doesn't like them lingering in the entrance.  The boxes, not the delivery guys. Too much bumpf in the box - some magazine called Salad and a couple of other sheets.  Well, bumpf for me, but probably quite useful for the Japanese reader.

Lots of good looking' veg including a MASSIVE daikon.  It's taken over my kitchen.  Attack of the killer daikon!!!!!  Err...and some more mystery veg... of them being kagomi, which is a fern.  A fern?  What the f%&* am I supposed to do with a fern?  Apparently very tasty in pasta, but I am going to have to cut them up into tiny bits because they kind of freak me out in their primeval triffid-ness.

Our kitchen is now restocked.  Hurrah.


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