Making it from scratch: Shower treats

Many moons ago, I used to buy Clarins for its plant extracts and so on, and then later on I moved on to Lush for its "natural" ingredients.  And then I realised..well, derrr...why am I paying so much for this?

So I went to my kitchen cupboard and mixed up some salt with some sweet almond oil - a couple of tablespoons of salt with enough almond oil to make a nice dry-ish paste in one bowl.  This I rubbed all over my damp skin and then rinsed off to make it deliciously soft and smooth.  Then I mixed a little nutmeg with a little milk and honey...and rubbed it all over my face, gently.  It smelt so yum and after I washed it off,  seriously, my face was like a baby's bum.  Err...but not so stinky. More almond oil all over to moisturise and I was feeling pretty damn spesh.



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