Simple beauty: Barefaced cheek!

Aggggh!  Look at those eyebrows.  Thought I might take you through my facial skin care routine as it stands at the moment.  I am aiming at keeping everything as basic as possible.  This photo has been enhanced in iPhoto just for bringing up the colours.  I  have added the original, which is just more pale, really.  No photoshop, no retouching.  Just me.  Barefaced.  And cheeky!

Facewash: Dr Bronner's baby mild mixed with 50-50 water. I just wash my face in the shower.  It's about $70...a the moment from Amazon.  So half, half, that's $35.  For a gallon.  I use it as body wash and as hand wash too.
Eye make-up remover: Vegetable glycerine by Now Foods mixed with rosewater.  That's what I use at the moment because I have a whole lot of glycerine from a failed attempt to make stain remover.  Well, I made it - but it just wasn't very successful.  It's around US$7 for 473ml.
Toner: Rosewater.  I use a brand called Cortas which I get from funky foreign food stores at home and it costs about $5 for a 300ml bottle.
Moisturiser:  Here's my big spend.  I am currently using one called Devita Solar Moisturiser 30+ which costs US$20.40.  I am a bit obsessive about using a moisturiser with sunscreen - have done for years.  However, look at that nose of mine - still gets burnt.
For extra dry skin or at night: Either rose hip oil, sweet almond oil or vitamin E from vitamin E capsules. The rose hip oil I am using now is organic and costs $US9.34 for 30ml.
For spots: Yep - pimples at almost 41.  Purrrrlease.  I use Tea Tree Plantation tea tree oil. It's not very expensive, but I can't recall how much I pay.  Under AUD10?  It's great for all sorts of other things too.  Does a wonder on mozzie bites.
Exfoliant: Nutmeg mixed with milk and sometimes honey.  Thanks Crunchy Betty!
Face mask: Honey.

There's also the stuff you put IN your body and DO to your body.  I don't drink alcohol much at all these days (MASSIVE skin improvement, let me tell you), don't drink any soft drinks or other beverages, drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, don't smoke, and I don't sun bake.  I drink less water than I should, but eat a lot of veggies and no meat.  Basically, I try to exercise every day - but mostly manage it about 4-5 days a week.  I probably eat too much sugar, something I am working on too as that is no good for your skin. Or your innards.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and of course, is not the most important attribute a person can have by FAR.  However, keeping clean and giving yourself a little bit of a treat is fun and it can be simple, relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly.

I'd love to hear your tips.


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